Thank God Celebrities Are Speaking Out Against Planking, Even If They’re Only Joking

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Ever since celebrities like Ellen Page and Rosario Dawson have latched on to the planking and owling movements, it's sort of gotten on our nerves. After all, this was something that normal people started sharing over Twitter, and now stars have co-opted it. It came to a head with Justin Bieber “coneing” — that is, grabbing an ice cream cone by the ice cream. It's like a bizarre version of the “Celebrities! They're Just Like Us!” pages of Us and People: For some reason, the Biebers of the world want us to think they're totally down-to-earth.

But not all of young Hollywood has converted to planking. Funny Or Die's latest video rounded up a bunch of up-and-comers like Kyle Gallner (Red State), David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place), and Sara Paxton (New Year's Eve) — and they're here to implore you to “stand up” against this dangerous pastime.

The faux-PSA is directed more at average folks, but it's still a refreshing stance from Hollywood. Now, if we actually saw someone like Marielle Jaffe or Nick Corirossi standing in the “straight up” position, that would be cool because it would actually be funny.