Our Favorite Actress Of The Week You Need To Know: Thandie Newton

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Thandie Newton Half Of A Yellow Sun Premiere TIFF Toronto Canada September 8 2013

Thandie Newton, the woman that you never even knew you had a girl crush on, is actually amazing. Not only is she painfully beautiful, but she's also incredibly intelligent and very inspiring. Are we sure that Thandie's a real human? She almost seems too good to be true. Shall we go through all of the ways that she is wonderful, just to drive the point home? Why, yes, we shall and we will.

First, would you please direct your eyeballs in the general direction of Thandie's gorgeous face? You don't even need to look directly at her because if you're even looking near her, you can feel her loveliness just radiating. It's actual magic. And, not only is she physically flawless, but she's also super classy. Seriously, she is so effortlessly put together basically 100% of the time and my brain just can't comprehend it.

If you're working toward being even a little as composed as Thandie is, you could really start anywhere. I know that it's difficult to be put together all of the time (that's what celebrities are for, duh), but that doesn't mean that you can't fake it 'til you make it. Like, say, if you have applied eyeliner that morning, people might just assume that you've got your life in order. Give it a shot; head to the nearest drugstore and pick up one or six of COVERGIRL’s Ink It Eyeliner. There are 6 different bright, bold shades that last all day long, so go crazy. One of the best eyeliners I’ve tried. Perfect for the coveted dramatic cat-eye or for a less extreme look like what Thandie is rocking above.

But back to figuring out the anomaly that is Thandie and her awesomeness, here she is talking with Chelsea Handler about pranking her neighborhood with horse poop. By some form of wizardry, she is able to maintain her classiness while discussing poop.

Some other important things to know about Thandie: she has two beautiful daughters named Ripley and Nico with her husband, Ol Parker; that she graduated with a 2:1 from Downing College in Cambridge; and she has appeared in over two dozen films in her nearly two-decade long career. Wonderful. She's also involved in philanthropic work, having lent her time to several causes including the fight against domestic abuse and violence against women and children. Really, what can't Thandie do? The answer is “nothing,” in case you were wondering.

If you want to keep up with what Thandie is up to, you can follow her on Twitter @thandienewton. You know you want to.

(Photo: Dominic Chan/WENN)

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