Watch The Epic Trailer For The Action-Packed Testosterone-Jammed Tetris Thriller

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Someone dares to turn a pointless game into a full-length movie filled with a nonsensical plot and unnecesary explosions. And no, I'm not talking about Battleship. I'm talking about Tetris. The game based on figuring out how blocks of all different shapes and sizes work together. And spoiler alert, they don't always work together.

Just kidding. No one in Hollywood actually has the balls to make this movie. It's only a fake trailer for a fake movie based on the real game of Tetris. Before they make this movie, they have to make Jenga: It All Falls Down and Operation: A Morgan Spurlock Documentary About A Man Who Eats Everything. Also rumor has it that Reader Rabbit and Solitaire are in development.

But I'm sure someone in Hollywood will see this trailer, find it to be absolutely brilliant and get the wheels churning on making this next summer's blockbuster hit. Until then, enjoy the trailer.