Terry Richardson and Jo Calderone Bro Out Backstage at the VMAs

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Terry Richardson hung out backstage at the VMAs with Lady Gaga‘s alter ego Jo Calderone, and it was totally just a case of bros being bros. Just a couple of men doing men things like making men faces and flipping off the camera and showing off their muscles and objectifying women. Just two guys with penises acting all guy-like, emanating testosterone and shooting the shit about boobs. You know, like how males do.

Those photos only make it clearer that Gaga's drag act was less a subversive paradigm-shifter than a college theater major's final scene project. What's interesting about acting out hypermasculine stereotypes? (Here's an interview where “Jo” talks about jerking off to Britney Spears.) Anyone can do that. That's a Halloween costume, not a statement.

Here are Jo and Terry giving us the old thumbs up:

(via Terry's Diary)