Teri Hatcher Has Happy, Happy Nipples

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Oh, those poor little nips!

TERI HATCHER is furious with Desperate Housewives bosses, because they keep digitally reducing the size of her nipples.

The brunette beauty’s excitable nipples mean producers have to spend thousands on computer wizardry to clean up the sexy shots.

However, Teri insists other TV shows would allow her to flaunt her best assets.

She said: "The whole first season, thousands of dollars were spent digitally erasing my nipples.

"I think Grey’s Anatomy gets to have nipples and I have a little beef to have with the network about that.

"Then again, they are on at 10 o’clock – 10 o’clock, you can have nipples, 9 o’clock, no nipples."

The more you say nipples, the funnier it gets. Try it. But you have to say it out loud. So real quietly, say nipples with me….come on, you can do it! NIPPLES!

Oh, and she's kind of a slut:

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