When It Comes To Kathy Wakile, I’m On Team Teresa Giudice

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I know we all hate Teresa Giudice on this very special season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. In just four seasons, she transformed from the lovable idiot with a forward-receding hairline to a maniacal cookbook author so convinced of her own power and fame that she feels no need to treat anyone with decency or respect.

And respect is something I lost for Teresa  long ago when I realized that she didn't marry Joe Giudice as part of some kind of Italian arranged marriage. Anyone who married that on her free will has issues. Lots of them. But you know who has more issues? Her cousin, Kathy Wakile.

Sure she might look all innocent and doe-eyed, but I think she's just as ambitious and vicious as the rest of the Real Housewives. So while this Radar Online story may report that Teresa manhandles Kathy in an upcoming episode, I don't think that's the whole story.

I'm telling the truth, I'm not kidding and you know I'm telling the truth, that's what I'm saying,” the cookbook author said, prior to grabbing Kathy by the chin as if she was about to slap her.

“Don't put your hands on me Tre,” a livid Kathy told her cousin as Caroline Manzo and Melissa Gorga looked on.

Kathy later said in an off-camera interview: “Really? Nobody's ever grabbed my face like that. You're gonna get burned Tre.”

Let's get petty. She's not even rich. Her life isn't glamorous. And most offensively, her kids, Victoria and Joseph, are normal. Yes, that's great for the real world. Yay for normal well-adjusted kids making good decisions. But for reality TV world, blech! I want them to be demonic like Milania Giudice, narcissistic like Ashley Holmes or dashing like Albie Manzo. Without emotional crippled children or a cheating husband, the house is calm. Too calm. No one wants to watch a functional family functioning.

Now, let's get serious. Why is Kathy on the show if not to create drama between Teresa and the rest of the housewives? Like I just mentioned above, she doesn't have a compelling story line on her own. So she just pops up in every episode to act like she's some great peacekeeper between Teresa, her family and the rest of the housewives. And because producers say so, she gets invited everywhere.

But unlike the innocent, neglected victim she plays on the show, she's cutthroat. She makes cutting little remarks and spills little secrets and befriends Melissa Gorga as a way to work herself into the drama. Sorry Kathy, I don't fall for your “woe is me” schitck. Teresa may be downright insane, but at least she's being herself. You're crafting quite the little role for yourself as you worm your way into the Manzo family. But sorry to say, pity doesn't create friendships. It just creates ratings for Bravo.

If you really wanted to be a good cousin, you wouldn't sign up for a show that's tearing Teresa Giudice apart. You'd try to get her away from the cameras and the lights and the action and everything that's turned her into a horrible person.

But instead, you're with her (former) friends on a road trip in California. Explain that to me.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)