Gallery: 10 Short Celebrity Marriages More Fascinating Than Kim Kardashian’s

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A lot of people are angry at Kim Kardashian for making a mockery of the institution of marriage for a chance to  play princess on television for a day. I would argue that these people are overlooking the true crime committed by Ms. Kardashian: doing it in an ultra-boring way. Over the years, we've come to expect crazy short marriages from our celebrities; I would argue that this particular bit of tabloid culture has become an American institution to rival traditional marriage. But we do not want them to be by the books or, even worse, transparently fake. We want them to at least appear to be spontaneous, bizarre, and genuinely pathological. (No, Kim's pathological need for fame doesn't count.) Here are ten celebrity couples who did the short marriage thing in a better, crazier, and more entertaining fashion than Kim Kar-snooze-ian and what's-his-name ever could.