18 Throwback Teen Movies To Watch At Your Next Girls Night

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Every once in awhile, we all experience nostalgia for the slumber parties and girls’ nights of our younger years. If you grew up in the early 2000s, a key component of any successful sleepover was a trip to Blockbuster to browse the latest teen movies. There’s something about the cheesiness and predictability about movies from this era that makes them so special. Whether you and your friends were looking for a laugh, or wanted to explore your teen romance fantasies — there’s a 100% chance there was a Channing Tatum or Lindsay Lohan movie you could watch.

So, if you and your BFFs are looking to relive the emotion-filled years of your early teens, we’ve compiled 18 of the most iconic ~throwback~ teen movies. Grab your fluffy slippers, gummy worms, and popcorn — it’s time for a girls’ night. (P.S. possible spoilers ahead!)

1. Sleepover


This one’s a given. What movie says “sleepover” more than, well, Sleepover. This is great because it’s one of teen icon Alexa Vega’s lesser-known masterpieces. This is a classic tale of nice girls versus the popular, mean-girl clique. No spoilers, but the ending of this movie was super-inspiring for every sixth grade girl who was watching it in a matching pajama set and head gear.

Plus, there are some weirdly surprising celeb cameos in this. Like, Steve Carrell, Jane Lynch, and Evan Peters? We'll take it!