Teen Mom’s First Cast Retiring Means They’ve Finally Found Stable Lives

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MTV has announced that after the upcoming fourth season of Teen Mom the original cast of high school mothers Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, and Maci Bookout will be leaving the show behind them. This move could come from the girls deciding they'll be less stressed if their day to day problems aren't being aired on national TV, or the fact that the title no longer applies to the twenty something young women.

Still, I would argue that the cameras will stop rolling because the cast, excluding Amber who most likely wouldn't be able to be filmed for another season after her legal issues, have gotten their lives together to such a degree their happy days wouldn't be interesting enough for another season. Catelynn and her boyfriend Tyler are engaged and seem to be at peace with their decision to give their daughter up for adoption, Farrah is pursuing a modeling career and has a book coming out this spring, and Maci is working on a clothing line with her ex Kyle King. And while that might be bad news for Teen Mom fans, it's great news for the girls and the less famous teen moms who watch the show.

While it's good that the real life struggles the teen moms faced might convince child-less teens watching to practice safe sex, teen fans already balancing school and a baby didn't have much to look forward to if they were basing their future on the issues the stars had to deal with. It might be a positive experience for them to see that you can work towards a bright future for you and your child even if you are a teen mom.