Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: Hey Now, Hey Now (Dr. Drew), Don’t Dream It’s Over

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It's finally over. I never have to write about the Teen Mom girls again, unless they get more DUIs/rehab stays. I hope, for the sake of their kids, that they don't. It's been an interesting journey, and you can tell that in part 2 of the reunion show Dr. Drew is fighting back tears. Most of the episode was devoted to Maci‘s non-love triangle with Kyle — who cheated on her! — and babydaddy Ryan, with Dr. Drew trying so hard to force a confrontation. And of course, even though Amber couldn't be there, he made sure to talk to Gary about how she's doing and what we can expect once she sorts out her jail time.

Enjoy, and godspeed to these girls and their kids.

Teen Mom season 4 reunion Dr. Drew Maci Bookout Kyle Ryan Dalis Bentley


DO: Get your stories straight

Maci claims that Kyle cheated on her with multiple girls; he seems to think that him talking to other women was harmless, that he didn't cross a line. Of course, this was compounded with them fighting a lot as they lived together, though Maci says she thought it was just an argument and that Kyle wasn't unhappy.

DON'T: Force the sadness

Maci reflects on how weird it is that Bentley hasn't asked about Kyle, considering that Kyle was basically his father figure in lieu of Ryan being very involved in their lives. But maybe it's for the best? Even though the three of them lived together for five months, maybe it's easier to let Bentley process it on his own and not build it up into this gigantic, angsty thing.

DON'T: Be a dick

You know that this is the part Dr. Drew has most been looking forward to shooting, even moreso than him getting all up in April Lowell‘s personal space. He keeps nagging Kyle about the details of his “cheating” — “It was a Facebook post? What'd you say, just ‘Hi, I'm Kyle'?” — and pushes both of them to reveal all the nasty details. The one redeeming point I'll give Dr. Drew is that he pushes Maci to admit that Kyle is the best guy and that he hasn't changed. But then he turns around and asks Kyle, “If Maci were never a teen mom, would you two break up sooner?” to which Maci answers, “We'd never be together.”

One guess as to why.

Teen Mom season 4 reunion Dr. Drew Maci Ryan Bentley Kyle Dalis

DON'T: Keep bringing up Ryan

For God's sake, Maci, stop beating this dead horse! “Ryan and I would still be together, if there weren't a Bentley,” she tells Dr. Drew. But she can't possibly know that! And to keep talking about this alternate universe just makes everyone uncomfortable—especially since Ryan is still with his girlfriend Dalis. I just can't with this girl.

DON'T: Engage

The one positive thing I can say about Ryan is that he doesn't take Dr. Drew's bait. Drew will ask very leading questions like “It seems you've been really good to Maci since the break-up” and Ryan just responds, “I guess.” You know Drew wants to know if these two have gotten back together, but Ryan will not play into that psychodrama.

Still, that doesn't stop Dr. Drew from waxing poetic: “It'd the old Maci/Ryan dance. I feel like I've been through these steps before.” Sigh. If we've learned anything from this segment, it's that these people will just go ahead saying whatever they want.

DO: Talk normally

Once they bring out Ryan's girlfriend Dalis, Maci and Dr. Drew are nearly tag-teaming in their singleminded intent to create a confrontation. Dalis says that she wants to be at least cordial with Maci but that Maci can't be stirring up trouble, to which Maci says, “You do not want to go there, because then I'll tell you something that will upset you.” It turns out the “news” is nowhere near as scandalous as we thought: One night when he and Dalis were fighting, Ryan called Maci wanting to hang out with her and her friends. Ooh, steamy!

DO: Give credit

But then Maci turns around and compliments Dalis, says she's a good person for Bentley to look up to. How did we get to this sudden 180? I wish I knew.

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