Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: Dr. Drew Can’t Resist Getting All Up In Your Personal Space One Last Time

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TV Guide said that last night’s reunion show was a Teen Mom 2 check-in, but I knew that it was wrong. Because you know that Dr. Drew Pinsky is not letting the first graduating class of Teen Mom get away without picking apart their baby angst and unbelievable family drama one last time.

He spends most of part 1 obsessing over Catelynn and Tyler, which is ironic since they’re the most well-adjusted (and therefore boring) couple of the bunch. Of course, once he calls up Catelynn's trainwreck mom April as well, you get a bit of drama. Continuing the streak of uncomfortable family confrontations, he later brings on Farrah and her mom Debra, for the tearful showdown we knew was coming all season.

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DO: Remember the love that led to your child

Whether or not you agree with Tyler and Catelynn getting hitched so young, you have to applaud them for not devolving into an abusive dynamic like Amber/Gary or even Maci/Ryan. More than once they’ve admitted how much they regret placing Carly—and MTV has been there to record those tearful moments—but they also won’t torture themselves so much that they can’t be happy even without her in their daily lives. “I honestly think that we are soulmates,” Catelynn tells Dr. Drew, “and they say soulmates bring out the best in each other.”

DO: Analyze why you’re making a big decision

As Catelynn and Tyer readily acknowledge, planning a wedding changes things; it’s a line that they’ve now crossed by setting a date for 2013. Of course, Dr. Drew isn’t content to leave things there, and needles Catelynn until she admits that part of what has her so bonded to Tyler is that her own father chose his other family over her and April. “It was hard to have esteem for yourself, if your own dad didn't value you,” Dr. Drew fake-sympathizes, looking smarmier than ever. Even though Catelynn’s dad still checks in on her regularly, lately she’s been ignoring his calls. She ponders that maybe she needs to push past that resentment and welcome him with whatever he can offer.

DON’T: Remain in denial about the problems in your life

I’m trying to parse out the timeline here: By the time April shot the reunion special with Catelynn, she was enough of a danger to her son that Catelynn was considering stepping in, but it doesn’t seem like the whole debacle of April calling Us Weekly depending to be pregnant Catelynn had happened. That, or the stars made some clause that they wouldn’t discuss it at the reunion. (You know that either way, Dr. Drew is kicking himself for not jumping on that.)

As of the taping, April is 173 days sober and says that her bottom was “me and Butch, getting in the altercation.” She didn't think she was going to die, she clarifies, because she was fighting back. (Good for her?) Still, she seemed more amused by the whole thing—the same way she was really distanced in the episode—than willing to admit what a problem Butch has.

DON’T: Be a creep

This one goes for Dr. Drew, who interrupts April’s testimony to ask Catelynn to scoot over… so that he can go and sit next to April and get all up in her business. It’s so shameless! I literally started shouting at the screen, I was so skeeved out. But I guess with the series finale special, you gotta get your licks in.

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