Teen Mom 2: Pregnant Pause Bears No Weight

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Let's start with our favorite bleached-blonde, midwest-accented, Daddy's girl – Chelsea Houska.  When we last left her, she had just completed her GED and was getting ready for beauty school. Chelsea was also in her “haven't talked to Adam in months which doesn't mean we ain't bangin” phase and everyone was hoping that at least they wouldn't pretend to get back together. Buuuuuuuut, Chelsea shares that her IUD fell out the other day (I didn't even know that could happen…yikes) and that wellllllll, Adam Lind happened to come over that night, too. And oh yah, they hooked up…without birth control. Or self-respect. Seriously though, girlfriend? You can't…it can't…ugh. Actually admitting that the POOT method is causing you little stress about potential pregnancy is frightening. I would expect this kind of behavior on 16 and Pregnant, but I thought we were past all that. Later, when we cut to boys night out, Adam admits to his friends that he scored with Chelsea but they are not back together. His friend's voice of reason, aka if you think the POOT method is valid just ask my daughter, doesn't seem to shake Adam from his wings and beer. But, Chelsea's not that concerned either soooo, guess we'll see. While Chelsea vets her news to various friends while seeking validation for her ridiculous behavior, her story drags on with her being nervous to start school, put Aubree in daycare and move on from Adam. We end with no pregnancy test result or Maury Povich-type announcement and Chelsea's own declaration that she's soooo over Adam. Yah right. I hope she goes on like one date this season, even if it does end up a la Farrah Abraham in Austin style. Girl needs to let her hair extensions down.


Jenelle Evans is moving house…again. Got a boyfriend…again (but at least this time he has a job). And is begging Mom to realize that she can take care of Jace…again. I guess month-to-month leases are a dime a dozen in NC.  This time, Jenelle is moving in with a new broad named Allison Lester. No backstory on Allison, so likely just a random friend who decided that being on TV would be fun. You do know you'll be living with Jenelle, right? Just checking…

Anyway, Jenelle is living in a much sweeter pad aka not a crackhouse or sharing residence with a dude she's been seeing for a week (and his Mom). We do see Gary Head doing boyfriend things and even Jenelle's Mom talks fondly of the Marine. Jenelle has been clean for 8 months and sticking to her probation rules. She's even enrolled in medical assistant school. Things are pretty swell until we hear about Keiffer Delp's being released from jail and somehow getting Gary's number (ahem, MTV producers) in order to try and get in touch with Jenelle. Excellent. Even though Jenelle is happy as a clam with Gary, I assume that temptation will get the best of her. And then Keiffer will get the worst of her…at least for a 15 minute segment on the next episode.

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