Teen Mom 2: Pregnant Pause Bears No Weight

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I'll admit that whilst I was mourning the loss of Teen Mom 2 Mondays and desperately trying to find a filler hobby (until the months rolled by and I could plop myself down to watch the train wreck that is Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer-Calvert and Kailyn Lowry)…I totally didn't even realize that they were done filming season 4 and that it was premiering last night. Well done MTV. A back-to-back Teen Mom 2 season to appease my impatient side and fulfill my hunger for WTF moments, bipolar episodes and hearing the phrase, “My IUD fell out, I may be pregnant”? Why, it's like someone saw my video diary.

And while I was super excited to watch the premiere, it was super…boring. Half because I haven't had a chance to build up my excitement properly like I usually would have with a normal TV season break. And half because it reminds me of the end of Jersey Shore, where everyone is all quasi grown up and making better life decisions. So overrated. In the race to capture the teen moms' detrimental behavior to get good ratings, MTV pushes out season 4, before anyone can become responsible enough to not star on a reality TV show. But don't fret. Teen Mom 2 will always feature Jenelle Evans…so really, how boring could it possibly be?

It's not been long, in TV world vice real world time, that our gals have been off Dr. Drew's therapy couch. So, we're all pretty caught up with everything (and some of us more than others…like those who keep tabs on the internet stories that pop up…those like me).  Hopefully Dr. Drew's advice hit home for the girls, but me thinks that there will be plenty of drama and trouble stirred up. Besides, if they listened to Dr. Drew then we wouldn't have a show every week, right? But I'm sure that even with all the other temptations to make bad choices, the salary that MTV gives the teen moms will always make for good storylines, made-up or for-realsies. After all, they have to have money for acrylic nails, hair feathers, braces, breast implants, tattoos, trailers, lawyer fees and ummm their kid's college funds.

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