Teen Mom Stars Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Batierra Have Set A Wedding Date

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Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell seem to be one of the true success stories of Teen Mom: Not only did these two graduate high school this year, but they've managed to stay together through giving their daughter Carly up for adoption and dealing with their own druggie/jailbird parents.

Though the two have been engaged since August 2010, Catelynn announced on her Twitter this week that they had finally set a date: July 15, 2013. That gives them about a year and a half to plan — indeed, Catelynn is asking her followers for recommendations on a wedding planner — but they've known for a while which elements they want to incorporate in their wedding.

Back in 2010, Catelynn told Us Weekly, “Me and Tyler really want to do it in California. Tyler really wants a cliff [overlooking water and he] wants all these flowers everywhere.” What's more, July 15 will be their nine-year anniversary. (Aww.)

It's unclear which of their family members will be in attendance. First off, their parental situation is seriously messed up: Catelynn's mother is married to Tyler's father Butch Baltierra, who was arrested this past September for physically abusing Catelynn's mom April Baltierra. Catelynn and Tyler gave up their daughter Carly for adoption knowing that they couldn't raise her themselves, but there's been no word yet if she'll attend her birtmother and birthfather's wedding in 2013. They got tattoos with Carly's birthdate back in 2010 shortly after getting engaged.