Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: These Girls Give Themselves Way Too Much Credit

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There's only one episode of Teen Mom left, thank God. While no one had a breakdown this week, the girls' utter obliviousness and delusions of grandeur are stunning to watch. Farrah explains away the Daniel breakup with all this chatter about how important and busy she is… Maci uses Bentley to manipulate Ryan into coming to his birthday party… and Amber can't seem to cough up a few hundred bucks a month for Leah‘s daycare. Oh, and while Catelynn has her shit together this week, her mom April continues to do the Apology Tour, which gets less and less sincere with each encounter. Without further ado!

Teen Mom 4x11 "For the Best" Bentley birthday Ryan Maci Dalis


DO: Strive for consistency

It's Bentley‘s birthday, and Maci thinks it would be most fun for her and Ryan to combine their parties so Bentley will have both his parents on his actual birthday instead of compromising. Aww, what a great idea!

DO: Actually communicate

…The only problem is, Maci doesn't do a good enough job of making Ryan aware of her plan. In fact, she's pretty damn manipulative: She has Bentley call him up and ask him (and Dalis) to come to his birthday, so Ryan is stuck saying he'll try. Then he texts Maci saying that he can't and they'll just pick up Bentley after the party as planned. At first Ryan seems like he's being a dick, but when the cameras are on him and his mom, he explains that Maci never actually called him to tell him of the new plan.

DON'T: Live in a fantasy world

The issue here seems to be that Maci was so hell-bent on her and Ryan being together for Bentley's birthday, she tried to guilt him into joining forces a day before the party. She also didn't communicate with him as an adult and just had the little two-year-old make the phone call. If Maci wants something to happen, she has to approach it as a grown-up.

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