Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom: ‘Denial’ Is Not Just The Name Of The Local Trailer Park

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Everyone on this show is so in denial! Farrah thinks it’s all her mom Debra‘s fault for pissing her off, when it’s Farrah who eggs her on at every opportunity. Tyler‘s dad Butch says perhaps the greatest quote I’ve heard in the year or so that I’ve been recapping Teen Mom (and Teen Mom 2!). And Amber seems to think after 46 days she can totally leave rehab and live with Gary and Leah again. Oh, and Ryan doesn’t believe that little Bentley needs preschool, much to Maci‘s chagrin. Let’s just dive in, shall we?

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DO: Take the good with the bad

At this point, Amber has been in rehab for 46 days. Originally she was going to do a month, but she agreed to extend it to two. With two weeks left til she’s coming home, Gary has a long talk with his mom. She doesn’t believe that Amber will come home with enough change, but Gary makes a really good point about any possible setbacks his ex might have:

“I want to see the downs, because then I know it’s not fake. If all I saw were ups, I would know that there’s still work that needs to be done. She’s being real about herself.”

DON’T: Be impulsive

Amber starts getting antsy and wanting to go home before her 60 days are up, which is a little odd considering it’s only two weeks extra. You have to wonder about any ulterior motive. I will say that she looked kinda high while telling her counselor J.J. that she wanted to leave… but maybe it’s just whatever drugs they might have her on. It was just a weird juxtaposition for her to be mumbling her way through the reasons she’s ready to leave, when she’s clearly not.

DO: Watch your words

Part of the reason that Amber’s counselors won’t sign off on her leaving early is that earlier that week she got angry at someone in discussion group. As another counselor points out, if she were to do that in the real world — just scream at someone — that could still be construed as verbal assault.

DO: Try unconventional methods

In a supremely weird scene, J.J. takes Amber through hypnosis, instructing her to repeat to herself, “What am I unwilling to let go of that’s keeping me from being free?” She ends up on a stream-of-consciousness ramble about her dad calling her a bitch and telling her, “Shut your mouth,” and ultimately comes to the conclusion that she needs those two weeks. It seems like it often comes back to the fathers on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

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