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Teen Mom 3 cast announced

Like the well-oiled machine it is, MTV has ensured that the void left by Teen Mom 2 is quickly filled by its successor Teen Mom 3. And as promised, they've cast their four young mothers from this past season of 16 & Pregnant. We shouldn't be surprised by their choices, because they're rather calculated. You've got the bubbly cheerleader who was still trying to fit into her uniform even with a baby bump; the girl whose boyfriend glamorized the idea of pregnancy and then left her; the one who actually has a solid life plan; and the one who has screaming matches with her boyfriend's family on the front lawn.

And yet, they all look so lovely and composed in their photo spread for InTouch! I'll admit, some of these girls I thought might have escaped the Teen Mom shitshow, but obviously that was not in the cards. Now that we'll be seeing them every week, we're checking back in on them to see what they've been up to for the past six months or so.

Briana Dejesus, 17: Briana's daughter Nova celebrated her first birthday in late August, and all the family attended despite any tensions that might exist around Briana raising Nova. She's also pushing the idea that all the moms are buddies, tweeting yesterday about how excited she was to be reunited with her castmates. Obviously Briana is going to have the most dramatic plotline, and she plays into that with things like getting a tattoo (on her upper ribcage) that reads “Turn your wounds into wisdom”:

Briana Dejesus tattoo "turn your wounds into wisdom" Teen Mom 3 16 & Pregnant MTV

However, we also have to give Briana props for enrolling in college. On her Twitter profile it reads Mother 1st. College student. Employed. Nonchalant. We can only hope she stayed that way while filming. As of a week ago, she was looking for a new place to live, crowdsourcing her Twitter followers for any leads. As great as her mother has been with taking care of Nova, she says, she needs to do this on her own.

Mackenzie Douthit, 18: One of the issues with the Teen Mom shows is that we can predict how the relationships are going to break apart because the episodes are filmed months prior. However, Mackenzie's relationship status changing is interesting and actually shows her to be more mature than past moms on the show. For a while she was engaged to babydaddy Josh, and in fact the About tab on her Facebook still says that she's engaged to him. However, as of June 12th she was listed as “in a relationship.” And on October 11th she tweeted a clarification:

Yes josh is just my boyfriend. We got rid of the ring for it had too many bad memories. Starting over and doing things right.

Interestingly, the actual tweet has since been deleted. Still, we're gonna count the decision as a positive thing! Too many Teen Mom stars think that a ring will make everything better, and wind up resenting their babydaddies even worse when the engagements fall apart. It sounds like Mackenzie and Josh saved themselves from that pain by scaling back a bit and focusing on little Gannon.

Katie Yeager, 19: Judging from her Facebook page alone, Katie seems really well-adjusted! Recently it was her and Joey‘s first night in over a year without baby Molli, but they seemed to handle the separation well. Of course, it's clear that she adores her daughter from all the photos she puts up. Including this cute one of Molli taking “selfies”:

Katie Yeager Teen Mom 3 cast 16 & Pregnant season 4 Molli selfies pic Facebook

Yeah, I think Molli might win for cutest kid of the season. And I needed another cute kid to watch now that Maci and Bentley aren't on the air. Katie also seems to be settling in to her fame well, probably because she has a healthy sense of perspective about being a reality TV star. The other day she posted, If you don't know me personally I don't take what you say personally.

Katie's big deal in her 16 & Pregnant episode was wanting to escape Rock Springs, Wyoming, and go to college in Denver. It sounds like she's still stuck at home but at least making the most of it. She seems pretty happy to be busy with school, as this recent tweet shows:

Katie Yeager college tweet Teen Mom 3 Molli Josh Rock Springs Wyoming Denver

Alex Sekella, 18: Oh, Alexandria. The girl with the unfit babydaddy Matt always getting arrested, who compartmentalized everything so that she wouldn't have to deal with the reality of her situation, who had multiple chances to give her daughter Arabella up for adoption but instead decided to go it alone. Thankfully, it seems like her life is a little less dramatic than on 16 & Pregnant: Though her home in Pennsylvania was in the path of Hurricane Sandy, she assured her Facebook followers that she and Arabella made it through OK.

Unlike the other moms, there isn't much mention of her babydaddy on her social media pages. We assume that Matt is still in Arabella's life, but it also looks like Alex is looking for a partner of her own. She recently tweeted,

Alex Sekella Teen Mom 3 relationship problems tweet Arabella Matt babydaddy 16 & Pregnant MTV

By “bigger priorities” she probably means taking care of “Belly,” but I took it to mean she was bemoaning being a reality star. Well, we'll just have to wait and see if any lucky guy made it into MTV footage!

And of course, with the flooding brought on by Sandy, it's still up in the air whether the Teen Mom 2 and 3 casts are able to fly to New York City as planned to film their respective reunion specials.

We don't yet know when Teen Mom 3 premieres, but you'll be able to enjoy an all-new season of Teen Mom 2 on Monday, November 12th at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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