Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Who’s The Boss?

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After the emotional deluge of last week's two-parter, it's almost facetious for “Making Moves” to show each of the teen moms trying to make a major change in her life. Kailyn is still pushing Jo for child support (though immaturely); Jenelle and Barbara agree that she should move out so they'll stop fighting in front of Jace; Leah gets to the bottom of Ali‘s diagnosis; and Chelsea gets a job at a tanning salon.

Kailyn and Isaac on Teen Mom 2 - "Making Moves"


DON'T: Be an asshole

Even though I don't support the way that Kailyn went about demanding child support from Jo, it's hard to be sympathetic to him when he acts like he doesn't owe her the money. He'd rather use the cash for his “music career,” even though he's living at home—unlike Kailyn, who's in a welfare-style situation where she is trying to scrape together enough money to live month to month.

DO: Communicate effectively

Kailyn's boyfriend Jordan suggests that she can Jo sit down to talk this through… Has she actually not considered this yet? You would think that if you wanted to have a productive relationship with your child's father, especially when finances and obligations are involved, you would do it with the utmost professionalism.

“It's easier said than done,” Kailyn complains. Bullshit.

DO: Consider your kid

“If I'm gonna fight with you,” Jo declares, “it's gonna be in court.” I have friends from divorced families who still remember vividly the court sessions and having their parents argue over something that should be clear: Pooling your resources to provide for the child. Does Jo really want Isaac to grow up with an inferiority complex knowing that he wasn't his father's first priority?

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