Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Belated Christmas Is Mostly Holiday Cheer, Some Holiday Tears

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Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2  Belated Christmas Is Mostly Holiday Cheer  Some Holiday Tears kailyn5 jpg


DO: See the bright side of things

Kailyn is uncomfortable about having to share Isaac with Jo on the little guy’s first Christmas, per their custody agreement; she wants the whole holiday to herself. Then again, she and boyfriend Jordan get the upside of exchanging gifts just with each other (above) and not a screaming baby, so.

DON’T: Burn bridges

I’m sure I’ve said this of Kailyn before, but it deserves repeating. She’s feeling bittersweet about having her own place and not being in touch with her mom; her mom sees Kailyn moving out as her actively messing things up between them, even though it was the toxic environment that first forced her to move out. All these misunderstandings could lead to lifelong estrangement if neither party is careful.

DO: Reconcile

But then, even as things with her mother aren’t going well, Kailyn makes the mature decision to make things better with Jo’s mom Janet: She writes her a long apology and hand-delivers it to their house. In the card, she says that she never meant to take advantage of Janet’s hospitality, and references the fact that Janet was a teen mom herself. Although it’s painfully staged when Jo asks his mom, “How does it make you feel?”, overall it’s a great step because it gets Janet to admit that she never felt close to Kailyn but that she intends to stay in Isaac’s life as his grandmother.

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