Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Belated Christmas Is Mostly Holiday Cheer, Some Holiday Tears

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Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2  Belated Christmas Is Mostly Holiday Cheer  Some Holiday Tears chelsea5 jpg


DO: Juggle your families

Chelsea’s dad Randy bars Adam from joining their festivities, so Chelsea brings Aubree to get a Christmas tree with Adam, just the three of them. It’s more trouble and it probably made the holidays bittersweet for her, but it was a lot more mature than yelling at her parents for not being more welcoming.

DON’T: Discount real progress

That said, it’s a bit harsh of Chelsea’s parents to unilaterally bar Adam from their family, especially when he’s made the effort of getting a real job with benefits. He’s obviously trying.

DO: Retain your fashion sense

This is mostly me joking, but it was fun to see that two facets of Chelsea’s style remained in this episode: Her hair constantly switches from short to long from scene to scene, and Aubree is wandering around in a leopard-print onesie. At least we can rely on some constants.

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