Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Make Up With Your Mother In Time For Christmas

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Sorry we missed the “Intensive Care” recap on Wednesday, guys! We were sure that the week before Christmas was all repeats, but no, MTV decided to bless us with a new Teen Mom 2. Nothing too crazy happened, however; some plotlines like Leah‘s came and went with almost no fanfare, while we got to see both Jenelle and Kailyn reconciling with their moms. Then Chelsea comes up with the most passive-aggressive way to check if her baby daddy is able to care for her and their kid.


DON'T: Think the worst

With Ali needing to be sedated for the second time this year for her MRI, Leah turns to her friend to vent. She's terrified because of a problem buried within Ali's optic nerve, and because “like, you can't fix the brain.” However, there's a big difference between a victim missing brain functioning and a premie baby who was dealt a slightly tougher hand in life. It doesn't help anything for her mother to jump to the worst-case scenario of permanent brain damage.

DO: Understand your own relationship

Of course, Lean is emotional, so it makes sense that she'd be jumping to conclusions. Where she's incredibly measured is in reflecting on her and Corey‘s relationship outside of being parents. She points out that “me and Corey never really had a chance to enjoy each other” before Ali's health problems, which of course foreshadows to the divorce proceedings we're watching unfold now.

DO: Present a united front

However, despite any misgivings, there's a great scene with Leah and Corey in the car where she says something vaguely religious to the effect of, “If we couldn't deal with something like this, then we wouldn't have been given it as a burden to overcome.” At least they're trying to work things out.

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