Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Some People Don’t Deserve a Second Chance

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DO: Accept responsibility for your mistakes

I was shocked, like completely totally flabbergasted by Jenelle this week. When she was talking to her friend Tori, she actually admitted that it was her own fault Barbara didn’t bail her out of jail. She actually took responsibility for her actions. Later on in the episode, she surprised me even more when she wrote a letter to her probation officer asking for another chance. She talked about disappointing herself and everyone around her, and claimed that this was a huge wake up call. Considering her track record, I’m not sure I believe her. Though I will give her props for realizing that it’s important for her to around for son, Jace.

DO: Spend quality time with your family

This week it’s Jace’s birthday, and considering Jenelle’s past behavior I wasn’t expecting too much from her. But true to her other responsible behaviors this week, she actually made an effort. They decorated the house, ate cake, and goofed around outside with waterslides.  Jenelle was really present for the whole thing and she enjoyed the time she spent with her son.

But wait that’s not all, not only did we get to see Jenelle act like a good mother this week she was also a good daughter. She and Barbara did not spend this whole episode screaming at each other. It was a miracle, and that three-way hug at the end. It was so cute!



 DO: Accept help from those willing to give it

I’d like to applaud Leah for getting her act together academically. She’s going to start attending nursing school full time. So obviously she’ll need to work out who’s going to take care of her girls. Lucky for her a family friend, Kathy, is happy to help. She sounded really sweet on the phone, and completely willing to help out any way she could. Leah is really fortunate to have people like this in her life.

DO: Be with a guy who treats you well

When Jeremy showed up on Leah’s door, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Actually, my immediate thought was that he wasn’t rocking those ridiculous hoops he had in his ears. But then I remembered, I didn’t have to date him and I relaxed a little bit. He took Leah on a go-carting date and acted like a total gentleman. He even sent her flowers soon after on her first day of classes. It struck me as odd that on her first day an administrator tracked her down to let her know she had a package, but aside from that I guess it was a classy move. I’m not completely sold on this relationship. Only time will tell.



 DO: Listen to your dad

Chelsea doesn’t really seem to be able to move on from Adam. As per usual, she spent most of this episode obsessing over him. It seems like everyone tries to tell her that he isn’t worth it, but no one objects to her relationship quite as bluntly as her dad. She’s lucky he’s looking out for her because Adam is clearly bad news. In this episode one of his friends asks him about what’s going on in his life, and Adam responds by telling him being single is “bomb as hell.” What a tool. Clearly he’s not worth your time, Chelsea.


DO: Replace your loser boyfriend with a puppy

Your therapist may tell you otherwise, but I fully endorse this life choice. Puppies are clearly much cuter than boys, especially Chelsea’s ex. Hopefully, this new addition to her family will keep Chelsea too distracted to stress about her relationship with Aubree’s dad. I’m not counting on it though.

DON’T: Throw away your future

Seriously, Chelsea? You bailed on the GED? I was hoping she would be able to pull it together and take the test, but I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t. Crying in her bed, she explained to her friend that she hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before because she was worrying about Adam and how his absence affects Aubree. I can acknowledge that this is a horrible situation to be put in, and obviously life would be much easier if she had a picture perfect family. But she needs to be smart about her future regardless of Adam’s involvement. Getting her GED will only help her and her daughter in the long run. She needs to get her act together.

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