Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: These Girls are Moving On

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I’m not going to lie, I mostly watch Teen Mom 2 because it’s a guilty pleasure that typically makes me feel better about where I’m at in my life. Every week for approximately one hour I can turn on my television and prepare myself for the dysfunctional mayhem that I’m about to witness. This week the girls all seemed to making some changes or moving on in some way. Though, I can’t say they’re all moving in a positive direction.

Jenelle Evans actions this week likely have her on the way to a jail cell (don’t worry though, she did get to see Ke$ha). Chelsea Houska is practicing for her GED, but also obsessing over Adam Lind. Kailyn Lowry is fighting for more time with her son, and Leah Messer wants to be a nurse.


DO: Try to move in a positive direction

This week we see Leah moving in a positive direction. We didn't see her having petty arguments with Corey Simms. Instead she seems focused on getting along with him for the sake of their girls. Hallelujah!

DO: Value an education

Leah seemed serious about getting her nursing degree from the University of Charleston. She brings her friend, Kayla, along for support when they go down to the school to check out the program. The fact that she really followed through with this was amazing. She claims, “This is a new Leah. School, my kids, my life. That's it.” Here's to hoping she sticks to that! And props to her for getting in to nursing school!

DON'T: Accept friend requests from strangers

I spent this entire episode waiting for the other shoe to drop with Leah. And it finally did towards the end, when her friend asked if she had any new boys in her life. Leah tells her about some guy who friend requested her on Facebook. She doesn't think they've ever met, but he's like totally cute and she's totally interested. Even after she discovers their only connection is that he knows Corey, she still decides to talk to him. Why Leah? I had such high hopes for you.


DO: Be responsible with your money

After Jenelle's friend gets her out of jail, they head to the bail bond office to pay what they owe. They work out a payment plan and Jenelle assures the nice woman that she will have no problem paying two hundred bucks a month. I was happy to see that Jenelle could come to this financially responsible decision. Actually that's a lie, I was mostly just shocked she actually showed up at to this appointment at all. I was less shocked when as she was leaving she said, “If I need you again, I'll definitely call you.”

DON'T: Play the victim

This entire episode Jenelle seemed extremely annoyed at her mother, Barbara, for not bailing her out of jail. Well guess what Jenelle, you wouldn't need your mom to bail you out of jail if you stopped behaving like an idiot. It's not her fault you were there. It's also not your probation officer's fault either. Though that's what Jenelle seems to think because she told her friend she wound up in jail because her probation officer “came at the wrong time.”

 DON'T: Abandon your child

After days and days of not returning home in order to avoid Barbara, Jenelle finally returns home and sees Jace for the first time in forever. But Jenelle is of course to mad at her mother to pay her child any attention. At one point, she starts screaming “What do you need me here for?” over and over. She then proceeds to leave the house while her son is crying and yelling for her. I have no words.


DON'T: Let too much fun get in the way of your education

Chelsea has taken a step in the right direction by deciding to get her GED. But when her friend, Erika, approaches her about seeing a Dierks Bentley concert the night before her practice tests, Chelsea just can't resist. She swears she's going to study on the way to the concert, but she of course doesn't. That was a given. In this same situation, I would likely have studied on the days between finding out about the concert and the day of the actual concert. I wonder why she didn't think of that. Yes, she ended up passing the practice test. But she still needs to be more responsible if she wants to head in the right direction for herself and her adorable daughter, Aubree.

DON'T: Hold on to a bad relationship

As per usual, Chelsea spent a lot of time discussing Adam this week. His lack of communication is expected. What I don't understand is why she makes him such a priority in her life when she clearly isn't a priority in his. She mentions several times that he won't even talk to her right now. And when asked what she's going to do she says, “I'm going to give him some space and if he wants to hang out we can hang out.” Ugh. She just really needs to move on.



DO: Stand up for your kid

Last week, Kailyn seemed hellbent on rearranging her custody agreement with Jo Rivera, and honestly it seems like it's for petty reasons. Though, she claims that Jo isn't taking advantage of all the time he could be spending with their son. So she thinks Isaac would be better off staying with her two weekends out of the month.

DON'T: Be so concerned about what everyone else thinks

Regardless of her reasoning, Kailyn seems very motivated to keep her son with her some weekends. But as soon as she's confronted with actually facing Jo, she seems to retreat. All she keeps saying is that she doesn't want anyone to be mad at her. When it comes to your kid, you shouldn't be focused on that. You should be focused on what's best for him.

DO: Be open to compromise

Even though Kailyn seemed to get what she wanted out of the mediation, she had Jo over to discuss a compromise at the end of the episode. It was nice to see them at least trying to work things out. She seems to be open to letting Jo have more time with their son, and they seem to end things on a positive note. Success!

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