Teen Mom 2 Star And Most Self-Destructive Person Ever Jenelle Evans Allegedly Suffered A Miscarriage

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Oh Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle.  Trying to follow your day-to-day drama is more difficult than solving world peace, that chalkboard equation from Good Will Hunting, and a Rubik's cube combined.  But let's try, shall we? Newlywed Jenelle Evans, who married her latest K-Fed wannabe Courtland Rogers after two months of dating on the same day he was charged with a felony, has allegedly suffered a miscarriage.  If we were talking about anyone else, and I really mean absolutely ANYONE ELSE, this would be a sad story.  But this is Jenelle from Teen Mom 2.

She's mentally ill and unstable, an admitted drug addict, can't stay single longer than an hour, spews her toxicity on Twitter like it's her job, refuses to actually get a real job, can't stay out of jail… the list is endless.  A lot of people think that she was never really pregnant to begin with, and only announced it to get money from tabloids to pay for her habit.  A lot of people also speculated that a miscarriage story would follow shortly after, giving her even more money to waste.  You can definitely count me along with a lot of people, because as someone who has wasted plenty of downtime being sucked into Jenelle's drama, there's no way I will ever believe anything she says.

In case you need further proof about why Jenelle Evans should never be taken seriously:


Anyhoo… Jenelle was allegedly rushed to the hospital the other day because she was suffering a miscarriage, and her husband/baby daddy Courtland was nowhere to be found.  Jenelle claims he assaulted her, causing her miscarriage, and hit the road.  By the way, absolutely none of these timelines make any sense or corroborate with either Jenelle or Courtland's incoherent Twitter claims.  Naturally.

So what's a girl left high-and-dry to do after possibly going through a mother-to-be's worst nightmare (I don't consider her a mother already for obvious reasons)?  Why, contact your other abusive ex-boyfriend and go out partying of course!  She tweeted the following picture last night, supposedly hours after being released from the hospital:

Jenelle Evans


Just following doctor's orders, I'm sure!  For a full-on shit show that is bound to give you a headache, go ahead and attempt to decipher Jenelle's tweets.

As for me, I'm  strictly Team Babs Evans.

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