Teen Mom 2 Finale Special: Jenelle Evans Finally Admits To Heroin Use

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In an effort to drag on the Teen Mom 2 franchise as far as its little legs will take it, MTV is airing their Finale Special: Checkup with Dr. Drew these next couple of weeks – so that die hard fans like myself can wean off the show without feeling the particularly nasty effects of Teen Mom 2 withdrawal. And since I'm pretty confident that there will be no more Teen Mom 2, the finale specials are the last chance to get the updates and the low downs on the just-aired Teen Mom 2 season. At least without having to resort to Twitter feeds and breaking news updates on the interwebs. It's also a good opportunity to have Dr. Drew lay down the reality to these girls and their bad choices. Which he usually does oh so eloquently by reprimanding them via psychiatry voodoo mind tricks and then reminding everyone the importance of using a condom – usually with very little segway. I love it. Oh and hey, speaking of withdrawal, Dr. Drew wastes zero time bringing up Jenelle Evans' drug use that appeared on season finale episode. Because everyone can agree it's pretty much the first thing we want to hear about. Thanks Dr. Drew. You're da best. You know just how to make this impatient Teen Mom 2 fanatic happy.

Brunette Jenelle Evans kicks off the show on Dr. Drew's couch and provides us with an update on her life. Before we're even finished recapping her cray Season 4, Jenelle is in tears and rightfully so. She finally admits to using heroin and to Kieffer Delp using her – two of the biggest mistakes of her entire life. Talk about Kieffer regret. Hello?! Jenelle goes full throttle on the Kieffer blame game and, as always, takes little responsibility for her own actions. I'm absolutely convinced that everything she says is 1/2 true (Kieffer introduced her to heroin, wanted her to use it with him and even injected it for her) and it's really quite sad to see her admit it and the toll it's taken on her already diminished life. The reason I can only say 1/2 is because, as scummy as he is, Kieffer doesn't really have a chance to defend himself and tell his side of the story. Have they both proven themselves liars? Absolutely. Does the pattern of abusive relationship leading to drugs fit for Jenelle and Kieffer? Absolutely. Jenelle does admit that Kieffer was a huge mistake and that she was looking for comfort and solace after her domestic violence episode with Gary Head. But the girl that cries wolf gets pretty old and Jenelle's Kieffer-habit-turned-heroin-habit seems to finally be her rock bottom. Perhaps mistakingly, I believe Jenelle when she says that she didn't really like the drug and that it caused her to physically and emotionally ruin what little life she had left. But again, thinking back on the episode and how ridiculous their actions were, it's hard to feel too sorry for her.


Fortunately for Jenelle, the only constant in her life is Mom, Barbara. Barbara comes to Dr. Drew's couch and both verifies and elaborates on finding out about Jenelle's upped drug use and having her committed for 72 hours. The story is consistent, but what bothers me is Jenelle's lack of appreciation for her mother. She throws Kieffer under the bus in a heartbeat, mostly cause he's also selling stories to the tabloids about Jenelle, and she's kinda pissed about that. Uhhhh, yah think?? I guess the pot pipe-making business isn't as lucrative as one hoped, huh? But when it comes to Babs, Jenelle is always blaming Mom for all of her problems. Even as they sit on the couch and Barbara is crying about how she thought Jenelle was going to die, there are no thank yous (except the forced one after Dr. Drew demands it from her) and there is still the transference of anger to her Mom over Jenelle not being allowed to see Jace. As I watched the episode, I'm thinking…really?! Bipolar, maybe. Schizophrenia? Let's get it checked out. Because where I sit, I can't understand how Jenelle doesn't comprehend that her actions alone are the reason that she shouldn't be allowed to care for Jace. Even a little bit. It's delusional behavior that warrants more than just a TV agreement that Jenelle will be allowed to see Jace for 4 days out of the week. Should someone intervene? Is this ok?

The problem with Jenelle has always been Jenelle. She's her own worst enemy. Making bad choices whether it be with men, drugs or going to Ke$ha concerts. I think that the MTV money has enabled her to continue her immature behavior that results in severe consequences. I shudder to think where Jenelle would be without the cash. And though I'm pretty sure that MTV also paid for her to go to rehab, I think it's a good time to be putting Teen Mom 2 and Jenelle Evans to bed. Although it's good for Babs to always bail her out and be there for her, the enabling is out of control, and even hitting the proverbial and perceived rock bottom hasn't worked to keep Jenelle out of the news. The thing is, I did feel a twinge of compassion for Jenelle. If only for a second. But then when she started blaming her Mom for not letting her see Jace and also taking hardly any responsibility for her actions, her life and everyone else's life that she's come in contact with, that sorta goes away. Maybe she's still going through her rough years of experimenting and learning life's hard lessons. Often times I forget that these girls are all 21 and under, still. But seriously, Jenelle has lived enough for a couple of lifetimes, so I hope this recent stint of alleged domestic abuse and drug possession puts things in some real perspective. It's not that we don't believe that she doesn't want to see Jace, but her actions can't convince Babs…or anyone.


Let's see how Kailyn Lowry is doing, shalls we? Last we left ol' Kails, she was hitched, sending Javi Marroquin off to boot camp and constantly holding the cards when it came to parenting baby Isaac. When we meet with Kailyn on the couch, Dr. Drew touches on (and downplays, quite honestly) the Javi domestic violence incident, briefly, but then moves on to what's really important on Teen Mom 2…Kailyn hating Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee Torres. Yes, that is what we will be focused on for most of Kailyn's update segment. Because Dr. Drew is here to help, solve problems and make lives better for the Teen Mommers and their children. The best part about the interrogation asking Kailyn why she doesn't like Vee is the way that Dr. Drew gets Kailyn to admit her double standardness and perhaps to realize that her reasoning for hating Vee is a biiiiiiiiiiiiit over the top unrealistic. Dr. Drew does this by just asking her simple questions that a lot of viewers have probably mumbled to themselves while watching a Kailyn segment. I know I have. But Kailyn isn't going down without a fight. That's not the Kailyn we know. She denies denies denies until she's completely backed into a corner, then says her usual, “because it's what I think is best for my kid” answer and everyone is supposed to just accept that's the way it is. In the end, it is the way it is because Kailyn does what she wants, hates who she wants and doesn't have to explain anything to you thank you very much. But I did like seeing Dr. Drew try and get her to understand what a brat she was being and how maybe Jo wasn't getting the fair deal in all of this. Kailyn has an answer for everything (even though it's usually the same “he gets military benefits” answer) but really it's just kind of heartbreaking to see it play out on TV how Jo has little to no control over when and how often he'll get to see his son, once Javi gets his orders. And now, a pro-birth control announcement.

I'm not trying to hate on Kailyn. I think that out of all the Teen Moms, she's ranking one of the highest as far as taking care of her and her kid's lives. But sometimes I think she just causes problems for herself when, instead, she could just back down a bit and not try and start an argument with Jo every 5 minutes. Take the reason why she hates Jo's girlfriend, for example. True, the girl is dumb as rocks for allegedly posting a picture of herself smoking weed. But really, that's what Kailyn has based her entire hatred on. Obviously Vee can't be around Isaac because she's a party girl who is irresponsible. Oh yah, that must be it. Yah. Right. I think a textbook definition of underlying issues and taking it out on the easy target is riiiiiiiiiiight here in plain sight. When Vee comes to the couch, Kailyn totally throws shade and is not having any of it. She doesn't have to like Vee….so there. When Dr. Drew tries to rationalize with Kailyn and even when Vee tells everyone that she works at a daycare and is studying to be a teacher, Kailyn. Is. Not. Having. It. Whoa girl. And in the midst of telling a story about how Kailyn called Vee to try and make peace, Kailyn makes sure she throws a dig out about how she and Jo were hooking up while Jo was with Vee. Oh, really? Cause that makes you look even more sane and less bitchy. Finally, when the pressure becomes too much for Kailyn (read: Kailyn gets backed into a corner and has no excuse for her actions), she storms off and tries to find her way backstage to throw a pity party.

Now's the perfect time to realize that the underlying issues need to be resolved, girl. You are looking pretty ridiculous and immature on TV, leaving Vee to explain her side of things and leaving you looking like a chump. We all know Kailyn wants what's best for Isaac. But she also wants what's best for Kailyn, no matter how it costs Jo and his family. Vee admits to struggling in their relationship because of Kailyn and Jo being a “teen Dad”…but really…let's try and learn lessons from this. Those being…do not post things on Facebook that Kailyn Lowry can look up and later use against you. Even if it was 2 years ago, before you were even dating her ex boyfriend/baby Daddy. Unresolved as always, we move onto Javi taking the stage and….well, it's boring blah blah blah. Marriage is hard but worth it, moving somewhere when he gets his military orders. Great. I did like the Season 5 joke that Kailyn threw in at the very end. Hahahahaha, please. I think she'd better have a chat with Jenelle if they all wanna keep getting paid. Alright, let's gear up for Chelsea Houska and (if we have to) Leah Messer-Calvert for next week!