‘Teen Mom 2′ Dad Corey Simms Reportedly Hooked Up with ’16 and Pregnant’ Mom Nikkole Paulun

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Well, it looks like the Teen Mom franchise is about to get as incestuous as the Real World one. The Teen Mom Talk website is reporting that Corey Simms, the aw-shucks camo-loving guy who married Leah Messer in the season finale of Teen Mom 2, has hooked up with another MTV star. Corey, who has twin daughters with estranged wife Leah, supposedly flirted with Nikkole Paulun (pictured), a cast member from the second season of 16 and Pregnant, via Facebook and arranged some travel so that they could “spend time together.” According to Teen Mom Talk, Leah caught Corey in a lie when she quizzed him about his feelings for Nikkole.

Whether this is true or not, it's yet another story that makes me feel like the world's biggest dupe for believing that Corey was a good guy who loved his family. When news broke that he and Leah had split, Corey was linked with several girls (Amber Scaggs and Jordan Humble) whom he reportedly met online via Teen Mom fanpages. Because the social media angle worked so well for him, Corey then turned to Twitter to announce that he was looking for a girlfriend. Though Nikkole lives in Michigan and Corey in West Virginia, it's not unlikely they would know each other – many of the 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom cast members know each other thanks to MTV followup specials and reunions. In Nikkole's episode, she and possibly-sociopathic boyfriend Josh Drummonds fought pretty much constantly before she gave birth to son Lyle, and Josh has been arrested several times since then. Hey, do you think if Corey knocks Nikkole up we could give them a spinoff?