Parenting Lessons from Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Is Off Her Meds And Chelsea’s Going To Therapy

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This week the girls of Teen Mom 2 provided me with a lot of amusement. I laughed. I cried. I rolled my eyes.  It was a pretty typical Monday night in the lives of America’s favorite teenage moms.

Leah makes it official with the new man in her life, Jeremy. Chelsea is still obsessing over babydaddy, Adam, but it appears her issues go beyond their dysfunctional relationship. Jenelle has stopped smoking marijuana, at least for now. And the dramatic Kailyn/Jordan relationship might be over for good this time.

 Leah Messer


DON’T: Move too fast

I’m really not so sure about this Jeremy character. But I must admit that’s most likely because I know I would never date him. Since Leah and I are completely different people, I guess it’s okay that they’re dating. However, it’s not okay that she seems to be moving so fast. Right after her asks her to be his girlfriend (which was totally corny by the way) I could immediately tell she has their whole future planned. Right away she introduces him to her girls telling him they couldn’t all meet until she knew they “were going to be together for a while.” Color me confused, but how does she know they’re going to be together for a while? They been on like two dates.

DO: Behave maturely

I liked that Leah recognized that she needed to tell Corey about the new man in her life. Should she have told him before introducing Jeremy to the girls? Maybe. But hey, better late than never right?

Their conversation was surprisingly mature. Corey seemed to take the news well, and understandably he’d like to meet Jeremy. Then Leah asked Corey if he’d been seeing anyone. When he admitted that he had nothing serious going on, I’m pretty sure I saw Leah smirk. Interesting and maybe not so mature.

Chelsea Houska


DON’T: Hold on to the past

When Chelsea’s friend brings up getting over her issues with Adam, it’s clear that Chelsea isn’t so sure she wants that to happen. She outright admits that she doesn’t want to let Adam go. She doesn’t want to forget about him or their relationship. They have a child together so obviously she’ll never completely forget their relationship, which is unfortunate for her. Because he’s proven time and again that he’s not a good guy, and Chelsea should really try to let him go.

DO: Seek professional help

The fact that Chelsea finally agreed to go to therapy had me jumping for joy. Ok, not literally because I have more self-respect than that but still it was a major breakthrough moment. Even though she seems to be doubting the whole process, I’m hoping she sticks to it. Listening to her talk about her problems, especially those not Adam-related, led me to believe she could benefit from a licensed professional’s help even more than I previously thought.

 Jenelle Evans


DON’T: Bring your creepy friend on dates

Jenelle began this episode talking up a new guy she met through her friend, Marissa. His name is Josh, and I’m not quite sure what to make of him. That’s mostly due to the fact that Jenelle likes him, and I think she’s a horrible judge of character. Case in point, her friend who in the middle of the meal the three of them are sharing creepily looks between the two of them and tells them how perfect they are for each other. Talk about awkward.

DO: Take care of yourself

For those of you that are unaware, Jenelle suffers from bipolar disorder. This week she informed her mother that she’s been feeling good despite going off her medication. Now, I’m not a medical professional but I’m pretty sure that’s not a wise choice. If Jenelle is serious about being a part of Jace’s life, it’s really important that she take care of herself.

 Kailyn Lowry


DON’T: Be melodramatic

Kailyn is nineteen years old, and has just broken up with her boyfriend. So obviously, her life is completely over and she’ll never ever find anybody else who will accept her.

That is crazy talk. I understand that her situation is different than a lot of other nineteen year olds. She does have a child, but still that doesn’t mean she’ll never find someone else. She has the rest of her life ahead of her to find a great guy who will accept both her and her son. It doesn’t need to happen right after her break up with Jordan.

 DON’T: Hold onto a fairytale

Kailyn and Jo don’t work as a couple, or at least they never have in the past. Kailyn seems to forget that every time she breaks up with Jordan. She claims to only feel this way because Isaac will never know what it’s like to have a real family, but I’m not convinced. All roads seem to lead back to Jo for her.

Also earlier in the episode, she was absolutely devastated about her break up with Jordan. Yet at her dinner with Jo, Jordan was the furthest thing from her mind. Strange? I think so.

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