Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Drugs And Cheating Will Tear Us Apart

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It's the season finale of Teen Mom 2, and not much is different from last week's game-changing episode. There's the fallout of Leah‘s confession of cheating, as she and Corey start their separate lives; Chelsea and Kailyn, both lured by the idea of “complete” families, consider reuniting with their babydaddies; and Jenelle makes it through rehab.

Not to worry, there'll be a “Check-Up with Dr. Drew” next week to recap—but first, let's catch up on where “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (intense title!) leaves us.

Jenelle is reunited with Jace on Teen Mom 2 - 2x12 "Love Will Tear Us Apart"


DO: Be honest about your mental health

Kudos to Jenelle for taking it well that she might have manic depression like her brother, who suffers from bipolar schizophrenia. From the moment this is introduced as a possible explanation for her erratic behavior and her downright scary rages, she accepts the possibility calmly and looks ahead to treatment.

DO: Set goals for yourself

I softened a little toward Jenelle when the counselor asks how she would describe herself (“impulsive, smart, angry”) and how she'd like to be (“happy, more caring, affectionate”).

DON'T: Let others get you down

Kieffer keeps turning Jenelle's decision to go to rehab around on her; he mocks her, “Yeah, you focus on yourself during this time” even though that's the best thing for him. But whereas earlier in the season Jenelle would fold under Kieffer's selfishness and beg for him back, here she realizes that she needs to be on her own right now.

DON'T: Let your buttons get pushed

Jenelle suffers from a problem a lot of people do: She's got emotional triggers, and people who know how to set them off. I'm mostly talking about Barbara; even during their check-up call, she and Jenelle teeter on the edge of another screaming match before the counselor steps in. As the counselor points out, Barbara and Jenelle show their love for each other by prodding and fighting.

DO: Be honest about your relationship to your child

Jenelle freaks out when Barbara logically points out, “[Jace is] very attached to me. He needs to know who you are.” This pisses Jenelle off, but even I — as a new fan who started watching a few months ago — can clearly see that Jenelle hardly ever takes responsibility for Jace, instead preferring to mope in bed.

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