Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Opposite Day

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For the most part, the fathers on this show are portrayed as useless schlubs who haven't made an effort in their child's life since the seven minutes it took to conceive him/her. But this week, things started to shift. Obviously Corey was still a shit, further upsetting Leah; but Jo showed surprising maturity in asking to meet Jordan, and Kieffer told Jenelle that he was willing to quit smoking pot for her. Meanwhile, Chelsea made the most out of her break-up with Adam by raising money for premature babies with the March of Dimes.

Even though at least one couple is headed for a break-up, I can still cautiously say that these kids did OK this week.

Jo and Jordan make friends on Teen Mom 2 "Love Comes and Goes"


DO: Encourage a support structure for your kid

Kailyn's worried because Jo told her he wants to meet her new boyfriend Jordan. I can see why she might feel awkward, especially since Jo's reasoning is “I don't want some weirdo around my son.” But what he really means is that he doesn't want there to be a string of unreliable guys in and out of Kailyn's, and Isaac‘s, lives. As the father, that's his right and his duty, so kudos to him.

DON'T: Expect the worst

But as worried as Kailyn is, Jordan has no problem with officially meeting her babydaddy. They have this cute, lighthearted exchange:

Kailyn: “How does old boyfriend meet new boyfriend?”
Jordan: “I dunno, I've never had an old boyfriend.”

DO: Have your kid's best interests at heart

Jo and Jordan seem to hit it off, but Jo understands the awkwardness of the situation enough to explain his motivations. “I want to be able to pick up the phone,” he says. “If [Isaac] needs something and I can't get in touch with her, then I can call you.”

“There doesn't need to be tension,” he adds. Does that mean that he and Kailyn are also dealing with their feud over child support? These kids mumble so much, it's hard to tell which developments from last week have stuck around.

DO: Acknowledge your faults

Jo quizzes Jordan on if he smokes or drinks, with Jordan responding that he's not into that stuff. “Better than me,” Jo remarks with a wry smile. Good for him!

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