Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: These Girls Are Their Own Worst Enemies

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Wow. After a season of villifying the babydaddies, Teen Mom 2 has suddenly swung around and highlighted everything that Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Leah are doing wrong. While not all of them made bad decisions in this episode, the events depicted still showed very clearly what obstacles the girls have brought on themselves since they first got pregnant at 16.

We've got one more super-sized episode next week, so I'm curious to see if the season will end on a downer or a more optimistic note.

Kailyn and Jo on Teen Mom 2 - 2x11 recap


DO: Be open to compromise

Jo has really turned things around in just a few episodes: He and Kailyn decide which weekdays he's going to come over to her place to spend time with Isaac, and he even tells her that he's willing to drop the child support appeal. Now that he must feel empowered by being in Isaac's life more, the kid is less of an obligation and more of a joy. As he says, “He makes my day.”

DON'T: Disregard your partner's instincts

That said, Kailyn's real parenting partner is boyfriend Jordan, so she should listen when he says he has misgivings about Jo suddenly being in their lives a lot more often. But Kailyn isn't willing to take him seriously… probably because she's having feelings for Jo again. It is mature of them to talk about it: Kailyn asks, “Do you trust me to be here by myself with Jo and Isaac?” But since Jordan's answer is no, that's worth more discussion.

DON'T: Flirt in front of your kid

What seems to be a good rule of thumb is to keep things as stable as possible for your kids. That means Kailyn and Jo awkwardly flirting in front of little Isaac is a bad idea. If nothing else, it'll confuse the hell out of him to see his separated parents being all lovey-dovey.

But can we pause and laugh at how Kailyn asks, apropos of nothing, “How's your love life?” It's a quote from The Room to the word, which makes me want to make image macros with Room quotes now.

DON'T: Have your ex stay over

Come on, Kailyn! This is bad judgment on so many levels.

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