This Filthy Behind-The-Scenes Video Makes Me Want To See Ted Even More

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As much as I try to be classy and all artsy, I have a crude streak. I was a devoted Family Guy fan for years (even declaring it funnier than The Simpsons), and even though I no longer watch it, I'm still cautiously optimistic about Seth MacFarlane‘s new movie Ted. The man behind Peter Griffin, Brian, and Stewie voices the titular anthropomorphic teddy bear, who comes to life when a young boy named John wishes it.

Cut to twenty-odd years later, and Ted and John (Mark Wahlberg) are best buds who sit on the couch smoking pot and talking about all the girls they've laid. The red-band trailer is already out, but here's a new, equally filthy featurette. I'd like to see more of Mila Kunis‘ long-suffering girlfriend character, but it makes sense that right now they're trying to rope in the Family Guy fans, so they're showing us as much of Ted as possible.

So far nothing beats the “white trash girl names” bit from the first trailer, but I had to laugh upon seeing the reaction of John's mom (Alex Borstein, a.k.a. Lois Griffin) when Ted starts talking, or John giving grown-up Ted a pep talk pre-job-interview.

Ted comes out June 29th!