Video: Here’s The Teaser Trailer For Anchorman 2

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The teaser trailer for the much anticipated, hopefully not disappointing sequel to Anchorman is now playing in theaters, and one person was so excited they filmed it and put it on the internet.

It doesn't give us too much to go on, but you can see that that old comedic dynamic is there, with Steve Carrell‘s character totally unable to come up with an original line other than some reiteration of Paul Rudd‘s “it's jean creamin' time.” Poor dude has cream on the brain.

“Ain't this an old fashioned shot to the nut sack” is not a very funny line to close on, but everything sounds funnier when said in Ron Burgundy‘s voice, so I'll give it a pass. I know that its insane popularity among frat boys has ruined this movie for some, but Anchorman was one of those rare films that pretty much everyone seemed to like, so maybe, hopefully, this version will reset the clock on all of that.

(Via Vulture)