16 Times a TV Show Made it Seem Like Teachers Dating Students Was NBD

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It is concerning that we even have to say this, but it is absolutely never okay for teachers to date their students. Even college professors dating their students is pretty not-okay. Yes, even teaching assistants at colleges and universities should not date students — though albeit that's SLIGHTLY less taboo. While the age difference can certainly be problematic, the real problem is that the uneven power dynamic just makes any romantic/sexual relationship wholly inappropriate.

While it seems like this should be an obvious statement, TV shows continue to use storylines about students dating their teachers. Like, all the time. And terrifyingly, it is almost always a high school student dating their “hot” teacher. Yikes! No matter how hot this teacher might be, a schoolgirl crush is all that this should ever become. Why does television think it's okay to continue showing young viewers this in 2017? No matter how “cute” the couple might look together (and it is confusing considering most of the actors are well into their twenties), we should not be acting like this is NDB!