TCA Report: ‘Survivor’ To Survive ‘Til Thursday

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Delaina Dixon, aka TV DivaGal, is Crushable's correspondent from the Television Critics Assocation press tour in Los Angeles. She is awesome, obsessed with TV and knows all the good part-ays.

If you've been giving up your Thursday nights for years to watch Survivor, you can finally get back to pre-weekend happy hour. At Television Critics Association press tour this morning, CBS announced that the show is moving to Wednesday and this upcoming season will be a tribe made up of over-fortysomethings versus one of under- thirtysomethings. My bet is on the over-fortysomethings since we know that other tribe will be too tired to get anything done after those late-night hookups. So the question now is … Will you watch youngins' scrounge for food on Survivor or Liz Lemon scrounge for Hot Pockets on 30 Rock?