Taylor Swift Without Makeup Looks Like A Normal 22-Year-Old

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Taylor Swift no makeupPhotographers snapped this candid shot of Taylor Swift without makeup when she passed through LAX recently—and unlike a lot of allegedly “makeup-free” photos of celebrities, this one is actually convincing.

Too often there are stars who claim to be going au naturel who still cover up zits and blemishes with foundation, or claim that their eyes are this defined and their lips are this glossy normally. And Taylor's someone we're definitely used to seeing made up, especially her use of mascara and eyeliner.

But as she is here, she could be your fellow undergrad popping out to grab a coffee before returning to the library to finish a paper. Forget that she has a song on the Hunger Games soundtrack, or that outlets like us analyze whether she's trying to play us with an “aw shucks” act. For this moment, she looks normal, and we think that's awesome.

Compare it to Taylor's look at the Grammys earlier this month, where she was glammed up (albeit without going overboard) for the red carpet and her double win. We hope photos like this airport shot remind fans that stars are talented, sure, but at the end of the day they're just people.

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