We Now Have Proof That Taylor Swift Borrows Clothes From Her Great-Grandmother’s Trunk

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For years I've suspected that Taylor Swift wishes she lived in another time and place. A place where cheerleaders regrettably lose their virginity at prom to football players who drink underage. A place where girls who wear glasses are destined to spend their Saturday nights curled up on the couch knitting ponchos for their cats and writing sad lyrics about their impending spinsterhood.

A place where modesty at award shows gets a girl ahead in the music industry and a place where women like Reba McEntire experiences fulfilling careers in the mainstream. That's the world I always believed Taylor Swift wants to belong to in her heart.

Well, we now have proof that Taylor Swift really does wish she didn't live in the 2000s. Yesterday she joined Mark Foster of Foster The People for lunch in Beverly Hills. While this news by itself isn't newsworthy, the fact that she clearly got dressed in her grandmother's traveling trunk from the old country certainly should make headlines.

I'm not sure how else to explain her eclectic outfit. The top says Forever 21 and the bottom says frilliest layer of an elaborate hoop skirt designed to be worn under 6 other layers and over a tightly fastened chastity belt.

Why she paired this look together remains a mystery to me. But Taylor Swift's entire public persona remains a mystery to me. I never know where her carefully crafted image intersects with her true personality. And perhaps this outfit captures that confusion. Fun twenty-something on top, 18th century housewife on the bottom.

(Photo: Just Jared)