Ed Sheeran Says Taylor Swift’s ‘Shut The F Up’ Wasn’t About 1D, I Say She’s Bribing Him With Jam

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taylor swift selena gomez shut the fuck up vmas 2013Wow, this Video Music Awards ceremony really has legs, doesn't it? And not just because MTV has been replaying it multiple times a day for a week. We're still finding out what everyone from Miley Cyrus' yoga instructor to Brooke Shields thought of that twerk-tastic performance, and we're still using *NSYNC's barely-there reunion as a punchline (see: the post I just wrote this morning). Now there's more to talk about on the Taylor Swift front. And isn't there always?  After a whole week of speculation about Taylor's “shut the fuck up” line when One Direction was speaking, Ed Sheeran is here to clear things up.

At a press conference, Ed explained that the remark was actually aimed at Taylor's BFF Selena Gomez, who supposedly said she thought Miley Cyrus was going to win the Best Female Pop Video award. How does Ed know this? Taylor came up to him afterward and told him she thought she messed up. Aaand there it is. Anyone else suspect a jam conspiracy?

I don't want to call my fellow redhead Ed Sheeran a liar, but I still find it hard to believe that this remark was aimed at Selena. Hearing it from someone who wasn't involved in the incident and had it explained to him by Taylor afterward isn't enough to convince me. Plus, I've looked at that GIF a million times, and it doesn't appear to me that Selena had just said anything. She looks like she's paying attention to what's happening onstage, and she doesn't react to Taylor's comment afterward, besides looking a little uncomfortable. Until I hear it from Taylor or Selena's mouth, I'm not convinced. And both of them appear to be keeping mum about it. People can accuse me of being so biased against Taylor that I'll just automatically believe the worst about her. To that I'd argue that this “shut the fuck up” comment certainly goes along with the kind of immature, petty remarks Taylor is known for, including later on in the award show when she called out the inspiration for her song. How long will it take her to finally move past a blink-and-you'll-miss-it relationship?

If Ed Sheeran speaks the truth, however, we can still glean two pretty significant things from his story. One, Taylor didn't say “sorry for my arm,” showing that fans will band together to defend their favorite star with any bogus explanation they can come up with. And two, Taylor isn't this innocent, jam-making, antiques-buying, unfairly jilted angel she would have everyone believe she is. Am I against cursing? Not at all. But I think when you work to achieve a certain squeaky-clean persona, being caught on camera saying something like this really starts to shatter that image, and it has to make you wonder how much of that persona is an act. Plus, Taylor's been to enough award shows to know that the camera loves her, especially when someone she was involved with (in this case Harry Styles) is onstage.

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