Taylor Swift Has Concocted An Evil Plot To Make Sure No One Ever Sees Her Sweaty

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Taylor Swift leaving her gym in New York City July 2014In case you needed any more proof that Taylor Swift is an evil genius who is destined to take over the world one day, she's somehow figured out a way to make even the paparazzi work for her.

That's right, the same people that other celebrities get into screaming matches with or have to go to court to answer for charges of assaulting (hello Justin Bieber), Taylor has quietly and efficiently enlisted into her army of people working together to make her look good. HOW DOES SHE DO IT.

Taylor knows that when she's at the gym she goes to in New York City, that there are bound to be photographers waiting outside when she's done. So instead of letting them see her sweatily sneaking out the back, deepening her frown lines and trying to shield her face from their insistent flashes, she just leaves an extra hour for herself after each workout so she has time to get real fancied up. At which point the paps are actually doing her a favor taking her picture. According to Confidenti@l:

“She spends an hour in the locker room post-workout so she can look flawless for the photographers who follow her.”

And since she goes there pretty much daily when she's in the city, Taylor essentially gets herself a scheduled photo shoot every day just by planning ahead when she goes to the gym. Which is a place she was gonna go anyway! Brilliant.

B-list and C-list celebrities have to call the paps ahead of time and leak their location to get that kind of intentional coverage, and A-list celebrities spend most of their natural lives ducking it, but Taylor has found a sweet spot right in the middle where she and the photographers both get what they want.

Man. This girl never ceases to amaze me by being so much better at being famous than anybody else. You know she's in her (tastefully-appointed) underground bunker right now, cackling as she cracks open another seltzer (her fourth of the day!) and teaches her cats Meredith and Olivia Benson how to do her hair and makeup while she's sleeping. WORLD DOMINATION.

(Photo: WENN.com)