Watch Taylor Swift Faceplant On A Treadmill In This New Apple Music Ad

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Watch Taylor Swift Faceplant on a Treadmill in This New Apple Music Ad Taylor Swift treadmill fall gif

Have you ever wanted to see Taylor Swift faceplant on a treadmill? That’s a very specific and rather cruel desire to have, but nevertheless I’m here to tell you that your dream has come true. A new ad for Apple Music features Taylor getting her cardio on — with a cat eye, of course — while singing along to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.” And then she jumps, man. Face-first right onto the treadmill. Well, her stunt person does. Or maybe just a CGI version of her. I’m not sure how was done, so I’ll just suspend my disbelief.

Taylor shared the video on Twitter and said it was “based on real events.” Considering how unwieldy her limbs appear, I wouldn’t be surprised. This video at least has a better message than the one Kylie Jenner just released. Instead of being about armed robbery and lip gloss, this one’s about never letting the embarrassing and painful moments in life get you down, as Taylor continues to sing even as she lies in a heap on the floor. Or, you know, it’s just a silly advertisement for Apple and I’m reading too much into it. You decide!

You might think this was an April Fools’ joke. In fact, I tend to assume everything that happens on April 1st is an April Fools’ joke. But it also happens to be Apple’s 40th anniversary. So it might be Apple taking advantage of their anniversary falling on such a ridiculous day. Either way, we got to laugh at Taylor Swift, all while she was laughing at herself. So we all win. Those are the kinds of April Fools’ jokes I like. So thanks for that, Apple. I’m gonna go eat an apple now in your honor.

(GIF: Tumblr)