Watch The Heartbreaking Moment Taylor Swift Thought She Won Album Of The Year

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Taylor Swift's team thinking she won Album of the Year at the 2014 Grammys(via)

Oh Taylor Swift, you poor sweet treasure. This really wasn't your year, was it? I don't mean to be cruel, it's just that Taylor's pretty used to just rolling into an award show, opening her arms, and letting people load her up with hardware on her way out. It's a tradition right up there with red lipstick and revenge cleavage.

You are a lovely lady pretty much all the year round, expect for during award season, when you become a lovely, be-spangled wheelbarrow for the transportation of trophies through Hollywood. Sometimes she uses them to tip her valet, or forgets one or two of them in all the excitement when she goes to the bathroom at an after-party. These are just things that happen when you'er one of the winningest gals in the whole damn world.

Which is why it was probably so jarring to go through the entire Grammys tonight without taking home a single golden gramophone sippy-cup for Blue Ivy. Which is probably why she was treating her spine so recklessly during that onstage performance, and why she was so close to the edge of her seat by the time the award for ‘Album Of The Year' rolled around. She was a woman with nothing to lose, and the only thing she wanted to hear come out of Alicia Keys‘ mouth was the word ‘Red'.

…so that's what she and her team heard, even though it turned out the award was actually going to Daft Punk, for their album ‘Random Access Memories.' Cue one brief, beautiful, heartbreaking moment of celebration before she got to the next syllable. And cue me capturing the whole thing on Vine, because I am the worst:

There's just so much about this that's amazing. Everyone in her immediate vicinity took a half-second ride on the roller coaster of elation, only to IMMEDIATELY deflate when they realized the error. I think the guy directly next to her is even starting in on an f-bomb, but it's probably just some variation on ‘sorry about my arm'.

I will say that to her credit, Taylor recovered really quickly, seamlessly, and maturely…but if you think that's gonna prevent me from watching this clip ten thousand more times in a row, you are sadly mistaken, my friend.

RRRRRRRRRRR…andom Access Memories. (Did they jump?)