Taylor Swifts Admits ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Is About Harry Styles, Because DRAMA!

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Taylor Swift Music Video Shoot March 16 2013Taylor Swift — a 23-year-old performer who somehow got named  ‘most likely to start a vicious rumor after a break-up' in over 133 high school year books last year depsite not attending any of those high schools — talked to Times Magazine this weekend about her career. And by career, I do mean the lyrical whodunnit guessing game she plays on the reg.

The interviewer then went on to ask if she would ‘die’ if she had to sing a song she’d written about an ex-boyfriend in front of them. Taylor then admitted that she had already been in that situation when performing ‘Trouble' at the BRITS. She said:”Well, it's not hard to access that emotion when the person the song is about is standing by the side of the stage watching.”

Now in Taylor's defense, she didn't bring up her ex-boyfriends herself. However in not Taylor Swift's defense, she gave one of her typical middle-school-style answers. You know, the answers where she doesn't name any names, but clearly implicates someone. The someone in the case obviously being Harry Styles, her beloved boyfriend of approximately six minutes.

It's an innocent way to leak out information without coming across like a heinous bitch. Trust me, I didn't spent three years in middle school and not learn how to completely manipulate a situation in my favor. (Side story: I was once told that the only reason I got invited to birthday parties was because it was easier to invite me and deal with my presence, than to have to face the onslaught of drama I created when I found out I didn't get invited. Yeah I patted myself on the back after hearing that!)

Couldn't she have just said something nonchalant in response to that question like,”that'd be awkward” or perhaps something with more pizzazz like “If I died every time I sang in front of an ex, I wouldn't be here right now, would I?”

No, no she couldn't. Because despite the picture Taylor Swift may paint for us, she's not a victim of the media. She's fully aware of what she says and how she says it. She completely understands that her career currently depends on her vague lyrics just as much as it does on her headlines. So please remember that the next time you see her dragging a rain cloud over her head, sending people to hell and basically accusing everyone of hating her for petty reasons. Taylor Swift knows what's she doing.