Taylor Swift Brought Not One, But TWO Sideboobs To The People’s Choice Awards

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Taylor Swift SideboobWe're only a few minutes into the 2013 People's Choice Awards and I already know that everyone's going to be raving about Taylor Swift tomorrow. Rather than going for traditional red carpet accessories like expensive jewelery or a more famous boyfriend, she showed up with two sideboobs. One on each side of her white v-neck dress. Very simple, very chic and very 2013.

I bet tomorrow morning everyone will be rushing out to the stores in search of their very own pair of sideboobs. Sure they'll be expensive at first, but I'm confident Forever 21 will start selling knock-off sideboobs in no time. That's the power of Taylor Swift. She starts trends. For example, before Taylor Swift no one wrote about break-ups songs. Now that's all anyone can write about.

Naturally she picked up an award for best country music artist at the start of the show. Because it legally wouldn't be an award show if she wasn't adding to her collection of trophies. However in a twist that I found shocking, she ditched her classic surprise n' shock face and just went for a classic, “well, duh I won.” It's a nice change.

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