A Shark Appears During Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Performance, Aka This Feud Will Never End

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A Shark Appears During Taylor Swift s  Bad Blood  Performance  Aka This Feud Will Never End Katy Perry and Taylor Swift AMAs November 2011 jpg

This just in, the middle-school-caliber feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is still going on, and it doesn’t look likely to stop any time soon. It wasn’t enough that Katy recently registered the song title “1984” in a possible reference to Taylor’s album 1989, or that she tweeted a thinly veiled criticism of Swift amidst the recent Nicki Minaj VMAs debacle. Now Taylor appears to have retaliated by referencing Katy’s infamous “Left Shark” backup dancer from the Super Bowl in a recent performance of “Bad Blood.”

In a video captured at Taylor’s Foxborough, Massachusetts, concert over the weekend, a shark briefly appears behind Taylor while she sings. She smiles about it and continues performing. It’s hard to tell from the video, but it’s possibly a dancer in a shark costume, or maybe just a toy shark. Hmm. A shark, the animal Katy Perry famously danced with at the Super Bowl, popping up during a performance of “Bad Blood,” the song that’s widely believed to be about Katy Perry. Oh, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, right?

Well, that’s of course what some of Taylor’s fans are insisting. Comments sections are usually a good place to go to read fans’ purportedly well-informed explanations for celebrities’ headline-making behavior. In the Gossip Cop comments, I saw more than one fan say that this backup dancer does something different all the time to make Taylor laugh, and it’s true that one night he even brought out a lobster.

But come on, guys. This isn’t a stretch. Considering how many people put two and two together about it being a Katy reference, if this wasn’t an intentional dig, you’d think someone involved in Taylor’s show would have pointed out that it could be misinterpreted and suggested maybe they use a dolphin or a whale instead. If this was just a coincidence, it was a pretty easily avoidable one. Look alive, Team Swift!

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