Taylor Swift Is Supposedly Finding Katie Holmes A Boyfriend, Which Is My New Favorite Rumor

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Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, and Taylor Swift attending The Giver premiere August 2014Are you guys ready for my new favorite rumor ever? It's that Taylor Swift is trying to find a boyfriend for Katie Holmes, and it's the only thing I want to talk about for the rest of the summer, so get in or get out.

In case you're siting there right now with a quizzical look on your face going, “Wait, how do those two even know each other?”, let me remind you that they're co-stars in The Giver! Someone saw her star turn in Valentine's Day and was like — “Let's get that girl in a literary classic!!!” But anyway, according to Star, Taylor hasn't let her inexperience intimidate her on-set, and she's decided to ‘play matchmaker' to Katie Holmes.

“Taylor is obsessed with finding the perfect guy for Katie. She teases her about setting her up with a cute younger guy who will rock her world!”

Taylor is obsessed? I AM OBSESSED. The names that are being thrown around are dudes like Kellan LutzLiam Hemsworth, and Robert Pattinson, and I wish that list would go on forever because I'm dying imagining Katie Holmes with like…Harry Styles on her arm at a premier. That would truly be a dream come true for us here at Crushable.

“Katie’s 35 and not so sure about dating a younger man, but Taylor’s totally pressuring her into it, telling her it’s exactly what she needs right now.”

I just…this is so amazing, I'm having trouble controlling my excitement at the idea of Taylor Swift pressuring Tom Cruise‘s ex-wife into getting back out there. Do you really think she wants to dive right into another fakelationship? I'm betting not, but if anyone can convince her, it's Taylor! If she and Suri teamed up, I honestly don't think Katie would stand a chance.

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