Decoding Taylor Swift’s Red: We Figured Out Who Each Song Is About

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Taylor Swift’s new album came out yesterday, which means that I have about 16 new songs to sing in my car and that I can finally put my bachelor’s degree in detective work to good use. Instead of reviewing each song on T-Swifts new album and comparing it to or other albums or saying how much more pop than country this album is, I’m just going to get right to what everyone cares about and say who I think each song is about.

I have spent hours taking apart every word of these songs so you know which exes she is bashing (or which current relationship she's celebrating). Obviously there are clues in her songs, and Taylor always gives clues in her album booklet by capitalizing letters in the album’s lyrics…and things aren’t looking good for Jake Gyllenhaal.

Sure these are just guesses and sure we can't be positive, but after all our research we think our guesses are pretty good. So let's begin!

1. State of Grace

Who Is It About: Jake Gyllenhaal

Why: One of the lyrics in the song is “Up in your room and our slates are clean, Just twin fire signs, four blue eyes.” Jake and Taylor are both Sagittariuses, and they both have blue eyes. So this is obviously pointing right to Jake. In an interview with Perez Hilton, Swift said that this song was about the beginning of a relationship (her one with Jake we are going to assume).  Her hidden message in the album book about this song is “Love you doesn’t count after goodbye.” It sounds like Jake tried to called after the breakup and say he still loves her (but we will get to that in a few songs).