Taylor Swift Possibly Getting Into Politics And/Or Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Pants

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Taylor Swift for President of The United States? It could happen. Especially after hearing that she spent the Fourth of July canoodling with Patrick Schwarzenegger and other Kennedy family members in Massachusetts. Our gal pals over at TMZ report the following about this breaking news.

22-year-old Taylor and 18-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger were spotted in Massachusetts together … laughing … and at one point, taking a private stroll along the beach. We're told the two were also seen with several members of the Kennedy family.

Private stroll along the beach!!! What does this mean and how do we interpret this vague news?

They must be dating.

You don't just spend an American holiday with an American family like the Kennedy's just because you're good friends. I doubt they have an open invite policy in that family. The cost of background checks and lie detector tests just wouldn't be worth it.

While Patrick's a little on the young side for Taylor, I'm happy to see her branching away from the Hollywood scene. Sure Patrick's a Schwarzenegger and sure he starred as Jock Kid #3 in The Benchwarmers, but he's still not as “Hollywood IT scene-y” as superstars like Jake GyllenhaalJohn Mayer and Taylor Lautner. All men she's dated in the past. All men that are super high-profile and turn up tons of drama in her life. No rendezvous with these men goes undocumented, no break-up goes unanalyzed.

It might be nice for her to date a non-celeb for a bit. Might even be refreshing.

Maybe she can gain more confidence from being the older women in a relationship (and maybe find a new reason to use her “O” face).  Or maybe she can get new material for her next album. Either one would be totally acceptable in my book and I eagerly await to see how this all pans out.

(Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com)