Is It Asking Too Much For Taylor Swift To Play A Heroine? Maybe? Just Once?

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Taylor Swift Rapunzel

In a new ad for Disney Parks, our favorite forever victim Taylor Swift poses as Rapunzel. You remember Rapunzel right? An evil witch trapped her in a tower where she was destined to remain for her entire life — until a dashing young man swooped in and saved her. While she's not a classic Disney princess, she does fit nicely into their mold of incompetent women who need to be saved by heroic men. So I see why they chose her for their new Disney Parks campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz.

I sadly also know why they chose Taylor Swift. After all, she's a modern day Rapunzel trapped in her own personal tower of failed relationships and forgotten romance. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair,” the evil men shout from down below. “Let us up so we can ruin your life with our fake promises of love and rumors of commitment. Then we're done toying with your heart, we'll pass it around the village for everyone else to kick around. From John to Jake to Joe to Conor to Harry, we'll all have take a turn!”

And what was Rapunzel to do but let them up into her tower? She's just a helpless woman with nothing but a sad song in her heart and a guitar in her hand. Until the right man came along, she'd have to keep suffering — and she knew that. As she laid down on her bed made of fresh cash and her pillow made of gold bars, she knew that she'd just have to wait.

Once, just once, I'd like to see Taylor Swift represent herself as the strong and powerful woman that she is in real life. She's one of the most successful female recording artists of our time! She can't make a move without making a headline. She can't make a song without making millions. It's not her fault that Disney portrays women as helpless and weak. But it is her decision to feed into that stereotype by choosing to participate in this campaign.

She didn't get to where she is in this industry by waiting for some guy to swing by and save her. She got there with hard work and an incredible work ethic. Now I'd just like to see her share some of that magic with her young and impressionable female fans.

(Photo: Annie Leibovitz, Disney Parks)