Samuel L. Jackson’s Taylor Swift Parody Is Better Than All Other Taylor Swift Parodies

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This Morning

Is there anything that can't be improved by Samuel L. Jackson? Good action movies, cheesy action movies, and the civil rights movement have all benefitted from the addition of one Samuel Leroy Jackson. Now, he's even improving the saccharine country-pop of Taylor Swift by recording his very own version of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” It is the best Taylor Swift parody yet by far, but I've included some runners-up to demonstrate just what kind of group we're working with here.

As you can tell from listening to the track, when it comes to covering Taylor Swift, Samuel L. Jackson doesn't fuck around. In fact, I think Taylor should probably learn to perform it this way if she wants her song to stop sucking so much.

Here is a softball parody from Conan O'Brien that mocks Taylor Swift in the most generic way possible. Do you mean to tell me that Taylor swift dates a lot of famous dudes, then writes songs about them when they break up? Tell me more, oh ginger-haired sensei!

This is not super funny, but it does a decent job making fun of her victim complex. I also enjoy the line “tween girls will sing ‘baby dick, baby dick.'”

This one is unintentionally funny because I don't know if he's aggressively friend-zoning a biological woman or a male-to-female transgender person. Either way, it is not nice.

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