Taylor Swift Experiments With Dubstep(!) On New Track ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’

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Like it or not, dubstep is on the rise. Led by its floppy-haired figurehead Skrillex, this aggressive electronic music genre has saturated many aspects of our culture, from cell phone commercials to the goddamn Grammys. But one thing it had yet to saturate was the kind of modern pop-country played by Taylor Swift…until now!

Tay Swift's new track “I Knew You Were Trouble,” which she premiered on Good Morning America yesterday, contains at least several evil-sounding wubs on the chorus, albeit toned down for the delicate ears of her fans:

On first listen, the wubs seem super out of place in a song by such a saccharine blonde Kennedy-lover. Then again, Taylor's “poor me” brand of kiss off music falls into a similar emotional territory as the “poor me” brand of screamo music Skrillex started out making. If you think of the wub as a shorthand for “exuberant adolescent angst,” it makes perfect sense. Now, will someone please Photoshop Skrillex's hair onto Tay Tay?

Thank you.

(Via Idolator)

Photos: Idolator, Billboard