You’d Think Taylor Swift Had Exhausted The Topic Of Love In Her Songs, But She Just Keeps Writing About It

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Taylor Swift Red album cover "love is a mystery" songs heartbreakTaylor Swift‘s new album Red comes out October 22nd, and no surprise, it's about love. This Rolling Stone piece praises Taylor for experimenting with new music styles like hip-hop and dubstep, but I have a hard time following them when they insist that she's also evolving lyrically. She claims that she's gotten into writing really dark stuff, but we found her new single “We're Never Ever Getting Back Together” to be at worst redundant, at best just too familiar compared to her many other songs about bitter heartbreak. And yet, in talking with Rolling Stone she's trying to pass herself off as a relative newb to the world of amore, claiming that she knows only the basics and has so much more ground to explore:

“I know general things about love. How to treat people well, what you deserve and when to walk away. Other than that, love is a complete mystery—and that's why I like to write about it.”

I know we crack jokes about Taylor presenting this really innocent, oblivious, virginal image, but the truth is, girlfriend is the expert on love. She's sold millions of albums since 2008, all based on her various unrequited love ballads and thinly-veiled break-up songs. She's written about being overshadowed by the hotter version of herself, impossibly romantic love stories, why she shouldn't take back the guy who cheated on her, running away from love… You name it, she's sung (beautifully, in many cases) about it. So it just feels almost dishonest for her to claim that she doesn't know the first thing about luurve. For chrissakes, she stages a mock wedding onstage every night. She's like the human incarnation of The Notebook, so stop trying to fool us.

I'm gonna share with you my favorite Taylor Swift song, which is actually a mash-up of “Love Story” with Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” and some electronic song, via the awesome Wallpaper. Enjoy!

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